Therapy Training

3532481_origF.A.R.M. is a nonprofit organization established to assist veterans transition from military service to civilian life. We believe in a multi-faceted therapeutic approach:

agricultural therapy, recreational therapy, and professional medical treatment.


Agricultural Therapy

“Dirt Therapy” is the keystone of our program. Working with the earth is incredibly grounding and restorative. Our founders, veterans Steve Smith and James Jeffers, personally experienced the therapeutic value in working with the land and turned to farming to cope with their transitions home. We have witnessed veterans open up about combat and post-military challenges after as little as one-hour on the farm, demonstrating the dirts ability to instill comfort and community. Beyond working the farm on a daily basis, veterans will live there while going through our program.
4656287_origF.A.R.M. provides agricultural training, teaching veterans about organic farming, hydroponic and aquaponic systems, and training them to work with various farm animals. Further, we will secure agricultural internships once they complete our program. Each veteran that participates will intern at our urban educational farm park in downtown Dallas, or with one of our partnering farms around the DFW area.

Recreational Therapy

After work and on weekends, veterans will continue to engage with the outdoors via horseback riding, hiking, camping, paddling, biking, fishing, climbing, repelling, diving, or off-roading. Through our established network in North Texas we have the ability to provide limitless recreational activities. Releasing endorphins and staying active, we will promote healthy healing and lifestyles. Farm dinners, barbecues, and fire pit nights on the farm are a regular occurrence and provide a farm to table experience that really allows the fruits of our labor to come to life. We feel it is important to have therapy conducted during real life situations such as work, play, and rest. We call this “Living Therapy.”  Each activity can be adapted to any injury a veteran may have.

Professional Medical Treatment

The third component of our program includes integrating the Veteran into all the available assets out there. Various counselors and therapists have offered their services to our organization, ensuring that all of our veterans will receive the profession treatment they deserve and in a timely manner. We will ensure that all veterans are properly integrated into the US Department of Veterans Affairs for whatever assistance they can offer. However often over booked, over burdened and unreliable we have a community of partners that are here to help. F.A.R.M. has a relationship with Wisdom4Warriors a non profit that provides self leadership training and trauma resolution. Our partners at Warrior Spirit Project offers Yoga Nidra mediation training. Our partner at Eagles at Ease offers Bowen therapy and massage therapy. We can coordinate access to the Center for Brain Health in Dallas for individuals suffering from brain injury. The Center for Brain Health specializes in some of the most cutting edge treatment and technology. Those who go through their intensive treatment programs are eligible for a small stipend for participating in research.
We offer access to holistic health and alternative medicine coaches should a veteran wish to transition from potentially harmful prescription drugs to more natural choices.   We will combine all of our therapy with physical fitness and whole food based organic diet, in an effort to reset the veteran’s health to a clean baseline, on which to build. 

After war, every soldier must find a way to cope with the losses. Jeff Morris, board member of F.A.R.M., turned to exercise and community. Teaming up with fellow cross-fitters, Jeff created Legion 8. Legion 8 is a personal Hero WOD (Workout of the day) commemorating the lives of the 8 men who fell in the line of duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-08 in 2007. This was not only an effective outlet for Jeff, but also an important initiative to tell the stories of and honor our heroes. Fitness has been proven to ease a veteran’s transition to civilian life, thwart effects of PTSD and TBI, and maintain overall health and circadian rhythm. This is integral to the daily regiment at F.A.R.M.